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In Brussels and the Walloon Brabant

Qfor Quality

As a result of a client scan, Gallico is classified as platine from the certification organization Certup (for a score of 81%). Find us on the newsletter of Management Information!

Tailor-made lessons

Our French lessons take place at your work place and are focused on the needs of international employees. Gallico can be provide one-on-one classes or in a group.

Spelling training

This training focuses on common and easily avoidable mistakes in a professional context to boost the usual spelling of your native employees. The spelling checker is a great ally if we know how to use it!

Values of Gallico

Expertise: we have great experience in the field of French specific objectives and we keep practising lifelong training.
Reliability: we make sure that we fulfill our part of the contract!
Flexibility: we understand that your employees have a busy schedule and we fit with it the best we can.

Quotes from Qfor ClientScan

What students say...

"I received the Standard French Language textbook especially designed for business environments . Every week we cover one chapter. I have also received an exercise book which was very well made."

" Coline was very accomodating. She was willing to meet before I went to work at a very early hour. I was really impressed by how flexible she was"

"I have received plenty of exercises on vocabulary and online research exercises. She also created writing tasks especially for me. I was satisfied with this type of material. It fitted the purpose."

What clients say...

"Elle utilisait des exercices de dialogues, des listes de vocabulaire, des exercices de compréhension. Ce qui est important, est que tout était créé sur mesure de la personne. C’était évalué très positivement par le participant. "

"Elle est très facilement joignable et elle communique de façon pro-active , ce que j’apprécie énormément."

"Les factures sont toujours correctes. Son suivi administratif est impeccable , que ce soit le délai des envois des factures, les sheet de prestations ou sa réactivité aux mails."

Who is Gallico?

Gallico is run by Coline Brodkom.
With her experience teaching a wide range of audiences, from medical professionals to exchange students, she is able to build the proper course for you.